Global Commodities Trading Joint Stock Company was established as an international company.  Our team has tens years’ bussiness experience in agricultural products field from the big companies.

Our value customers are spread across Asia, Europe and America.  The company’s business activities are classified in 2 major segments:

  1. Exporting agricultural products to the worldwide market, main exported products are raw and roasted cashew kernels, pepper, coffee bean, spices products and other cashew products.
  2. Trading commodities through the Mercantile Exchanges such as ICE US, ICE EU, NYMEX, LME…The traded commodities included grains (corn, wheat, soybean…), raw materials (Coffee, sugar, rubber, cotton, cocoa…), metals (platinum, copper, silver, lead, tin, zinc…) and energies (brent crude oil, natural gas, low sulphur gasoil…)

Our business motto is to prioritize the advantages of customers and suppliers first. We focus on product quality management, food hygiene and safety as well as increasingly improve service quality.